has just arrived. Crunchy - for you!



m:ngo™ is a small app which from Users experience point of view contains only one important file and one important folder.

File which runs m:ngo™ is called mngo.exe. In folder recources you will get created documents.

User Interface

Interface was designed in the most intuitive possible way. m:ngo™ needs just a few steps to build a document for the User.


Important! It's really relevant for the app to go step by step through interface. Right now m:ngo™ could crash if any of steps will be skipped.

1. Choose file format for output.
2. Choose your file.
3. Remember to pick only .xlsx/.xlsm as m:ngo™ converts only this format.
4. Pick additional data. // in near future User will pick cells from which m:ngo™ will convert data into template.
5. Set outputs filename and click button.

Preview: final document

In folder recources, which I was writing about a the very begining you can find generated document.

Important! Note that all of your files will save in this place. If you accidentally name document with the same name as earlier saved file — m:ngo™ will overwrite it!