has just arrived. Crunchy - for you !

make your work simpler. m:ngo™


m:ngo™ was designed because we care about you and all of your lost minutes on doing same stuff repetitively.

Does your work looks like this: take data from cells, put it in document, repeat? Well, perfect! m:ngo™ was created exactly for you!


m:ngo™ is pretty simple and clever as well. All what you need to do is to upload .xlsx or .xlsm file, pick cells you're interested in and write those cells IDs (e.g. A48 and S53) in your docx template as { A48 } and { S53 }. m:ngo™ will find them 😎

m:ngo™ will convert your xlsx files into HTML where every cell has unique ID. When you convert same file but with changed variables (but not the boilerplate itself) cells IDs are the same every time you upload your file. This provides us really simple happy ending with seting settings just once. Look at the example below.


App works, but it's personalized for my client and needs some modifications.

m:ngo™ will return in new form asap.

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